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Step 1: Enroll!
The Bible is the Word of God and every promise can be taken literally. There is no limit to what God can do through a person that has faith in HIm. I invite you to join us on a journey to learn about the incredible force of God that heals everything and even raises the dead. Let us help you on your journey to be established in faith and love to help others.

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Step 2: Study.
The second step after enrolling would be to start studying the Word, especially about salvation. In essence; the truth about who you are in Christ and what is possible to accomplish with the help of a renewed mind and faith and by launching out to accomplish God´s Will. Picture:  Teaching at a Bible-school.  You are welcome to invite us to come and teach at your facility.

Step 3: Step out!
Once your studies proceed or maybe just get some renewed strength and inspiration, you simply start going; preach, teach, provide; whatever people need. In the picture, sweet Elijah in South Africa. We bring him supplies and he shares them within his area. He has also launched out to teach and help many. Once you do the "wenting" miracles happen. Is God waiting on you?

South Africa

Step 4: Plan your work
Start building  it up: Today I will pass out some tracts - will find a  person to receive Jesus - will pray for someone - find people who need help - food - clothing - prayer - encouragement. Once you start, your boat is in motion and the rudder - Jesus - will take effect. By keeping track of your progress,  your results will encourage you.

Our next stop is Zimbabwe. Our teachings comprise activation of every day outreach, healing, which is really about the power of God and who we are in Christ and we also teach about the end time. It is a good idea to know what lies ahead, so we can all be prepared. The Bible actually reveals which country the AC will rise from and much more. All donations at this time will go toward our trip. Thank you for your help.



Purchase Book The book lays the foundation for the power we have been given. It underlines the understanding necessary for us to have faith for healing. You can also sponsor some books for people in Africa. They will be very thankful for your help and support for them in their walk with the Lord and reaching the world. Thank you!