Reaching for Your Heart!


Grateful to be able to help people succeed in going into to all the world and learn healing and the power of God.
Above picture Ruacana, Namibia.

My dog Ninni, who understands dominion. Myself on top of a mountain in Northern Namibia, Ruacana. On the other side  of the deep gorge Angola.  My granddaughter with our tame parrot; Papu, who insists on eating with her. Papu definitely understands dominion.

Once you launch out into all the world, God blesses you among other things with a new family. My God given great grandchildren, Jose and Dila, my fantastic "daughter" Lydia, my granddaughter Nampa . Magdalena and myself working on mahangu in Olukonda, Namibia, where Martti Rautanen worked for 56 years. He also translated the Bible into Oshindonga.

I am mostly on the move, but you can subscribe and email. Thank you for visiting my site.

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